At your wedding or celebration there are always so many moments that you would like to save as a treasure.
Because the main reason of those celebration is sharing moments with those you love, I will frame for you all this magic, laughing, emotional feelings  that in the future you will love to see and remember.
Let me explain you a bit more how I work during those celebrations.

For me being a photographer is more than just taking pictures, photography means everything in this world for me, so every time that I have a camera in my hands I look for amazing special moments from people, that picture that will remains in your memory and it will give you back all the feelings and sensations from that instant.
I like to «catch» the feelings and emotions when things happens naturally, this means I normally go for the spontanous moments, without people noticing that.
I try to take the pictures a bit from the distance, but of course some pictures need to be «posed» too. It is just that I go for that real moments that happen by nature, because I think that is the most beautiful thing from photography…capturing the essence of things.  But of course during the event I am always there to take all the pictures that the guest wants! They have just to ask and I would happily do it.
Photographing people is my passion, so when I do it I really love that and I don’t go for an certain number of pictures to be delivered later. I really look for «that» moments, and I enjoy it every single instant.
For this reason, when I take pictures from a wedding I don’t promise a certain number of pictures, I really take as much as I can and I just delete the ones are wrong.
All the pictures are edit with basic adjustments (for me a good picture has to be natural not with much effects, but some I like to use black and white because it gives sometimes a special strength), I give the photos in DIGITAL FORMAT  (.JPG), in a USB drivein this way my client can save money and print by them self only the pictures that they like.
It takes me between 21-30 days to deliver the material, depending on how much work I have at the same time.

About prices, please contact me to give you a proper information.