Because we all only live once, now is the moment, now we have the chance to capture your instant present in a beautiful / fun / creative / classic /artistic / formal or whatever is your preference for a portrait.
We can be strong… shy… extroverts…but we are unique…we are special. For this reason I can make your present the best memory for you in the future captured in a frame.
Depending on what is your idea for your portrait, we can just talk about it and make the magic happens!
I can make a single portrait, family portrait, business portrait (headshot), comercial photoshoot as well, just let’s talk about it and see what we can do.
You can choose making a wonderful outdoors portrait on your favorites locations or an indoor portrait.
Photo session can take between 45′ until 1h, 2hs, 3hs…depending on the pictures you want.
We can make it simple or extremely creative and funny photo shoot time!
Always ready for the magic, I’ll listen first what idea you have in mind and after we decide together the best deal for your photo session.
After we take the pictures, I will process all your moments by editing all the photos we made and I will deliver it to  you in a DIGITAL FORMAT .JPG FILE IN A USB STICK, of course in high resolution and without watermarks.
Price depends on your choice, but the basic are…

Outdoor single portrait (45′-1h)…100€
Outdoor couple portrait (45′-1h)…150€
Outdoor family portrait (45’1h)…from 150€
Business portrait (45′-1h)…100 – 150 €

*All the prices include the edition, and delivering.
*Taxes not included.
* Transportation cost outside Amsterdam has a charge.

If you want to see examples CLICK HERE